Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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them afloat. My opinion of the British Navy in many respects has been considerably discounted by what I have seen of them here. Amateur yachtsmen could handle boat traffic better & some of their Gunnery is rotten. They killed & wounded some of our men on the 28th. with their fire from a Destroyer trying to hit Enemys Trenches in front of our right. I reported last night to G.O.C. that we were 3000 rounds about short in 18 pr Ammunition. We continue to have premature bursts with 1915 - 18 pc. shell - thro in my opinion faulty casting - The Turks last night blew up the heads of two of our Tunnels opposite the PIMPLE. They did much more harm to their own. Taking advantage of the storm last night the Turks attacked QUINNS & the N.Z. left, they were badly biffed & left 300 dead on the Field - it is said Enver Pasha was present. Took G.O.C. round to CADDYS, PHILLIPS, BROWNS, JOPPS Batteries & OBSERVATION STns. X While seeing Col WHITE this afternoon he expressed in most enthusiastic & glowing terms his admiration for the work I had done here - for my conduct from the first under fire & my constant work night & day. It is a most extraordinary situation at present here. we see the flashes [Page] 68