Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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of our shells bursting over the Turks works 7 miles south & watch with the greatest interest the advance of our gallant comrades in Arms from that direction & long for the day when we shall sally out to meet them. July 1st. Had a thunderstorm last night but not much rain - It has been a quiet day. Inspected 5" Howitzer Batty. this morning & met O/Cs 2 & 3rd Bde. Interview with Bgd. Gen. R.A. re allocation of Artillery, the whole is now placed under my control of Div Art. also the 21st Mountain Battery, 6" & 5th 5" Howitzer (Lowland Bde) Howitzers. July 2nd. Fine day cool & cloudy - Had an interview with Col McClagan & Col Ryrie re premature bursts of shell from BURGESS Batty. - O/C 3rd F ART Bde & Maj BURGESS present. I satisfied Infy. Bgdes that bursts were caused through faulty manufacture of shell & it was arranged that notice should be given when a series was to be fired so that their men could take cover. Approved of G[6?]. positions in Shell Green Valley & McKAYS RIDGE for Howitzers pointed out by Col. ROSENTHAL. July 3rd. Wet between 8 & 9 a.m. afterwards hot & muggy - While going my rounds through PHILLIPS, JOPPS, BROWNES Battys. [Page] 69