Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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& inspecting progress of new Artillery Road, I came under[ ] heavy shell fire from 8" Howitzer near BROWNES 'X' One Shell fell into a Dug Out occupied by 6 men half buried 5 & quite buried one - all however escaped unhurt & only laughed at the incident. had interview with O/C 3rd F. ART Bd at his HQs. Called attention in writing to shortage of Gun Ammunition to DIV HQs. July 4th Sunday again. This morning I was out with Maj Anderson & Col Rosenthal selecting site for emplacing 4"- 7 Gun which at last I am to have to 'X' assist on our right flank. I was on one Hill, 300 yds away was a surpliced priest conducting 'hearty' C. E service just in rear of fire trenches & where enemy might easily land shell any moment. Inspected HUGHES Baty (he has had to go away on sick leave again) met OS/C 2nd & 3rd F. A. Bdes Enemy must be getting short of Ammunition he passes splendid chances with the shipping. last night a 4" shell burst & had been loaded with stones & our own S. A. A. July 5th Very heavy bombardment by enemy from all his guns all over our position & some 11" shell from the direction of the DADANELLES. I hear several men killed but not really much damage done. Hubert Parker resumed duty as Ord. Officer here today. I definately selected position for [Page] 70