Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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4"- 7 near Burgess Batty this morning & also another emplacement for 6" Howz. near HUGHES Batty. One 6" is under (No. 1) Capt BURROWES- R.C.A. & his men, the other Capt. PACE- R.M.A.R & his Marines July 6th It seems likely enemy may attempt to throw gas bombs into our trenches had interview with G.O.C. & C.S.O. this morning & arranged to bring heavy shell fire against any part of enemys positions where he may attempt this from & where his Troops may be massed preparatory to attack. 6" Howitzer No. 2 emplaced during night 5/6 Inspected HUGHES, BROWNES No. 1 & 2 Howitzers, 5" Howitzer Batty & site of 4 - 7" also new Artillery Road. No. 2 Sect. Interview with Maj Martin re 4 - 7" ? also GS/C 2 & 3rd F. ART Bds re action to be taken in event of Gas attack by Enemy. Very hot day. bad cold. flies awful. July 7th Insped JOPPS & PHILLIPS Batteries met MAJ MARTIN & Maj BROWNE & gave instructions were No. 2 Sect ARTILLERY Rd is to finish. Met Col JOHNSTON & discussed trouble between HARRIS & W. O. CAMERON. Just received orders to take necessary precautions against enemys use of Gas. issued orders with regard to Artillery fire & Respirators. July 8th Inspected new alternative Gun emplacements on No. 2 Sections Artillery Rd met OS/C 2 & 3rd Bde & instructed them to engage with few rounds various [Page] 71