Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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parts of enemys trenches & Gun positions all along our front morning & evening & I personally saw it done & I think it must have had good effect. Inspected works for site of new 4- 7 Gun emplacements. July 9th Inspected Gun empl & road for 4" - 7" at BROWNES Batty & HQs 3rd F. A. Bd. called at Gen Walkers HQs & arranged to put 30 rounds 5" Howitzer in JOHNSTONS JOLLY & for N.Z. Art to do same to LONE PINE Ridge at 5 p.m. other Batteries including I.M.A. to "stand by" ready to engage any target appearing. I saw the action taken which was satisfactory but owing to short range. 5 or 6 rounds of our 5" did not detonate on JOLLY. Enemys reply was very feeble. he must be very short of ammunition. July 10th General Sir William BIRDWOOD asked me to show him round our Gun positions. Went all round to Gun emplacements & observation stations except CADDYS & also to new works preparing for 4"- 7. The General expressed his great thanks for the opportunity he thought all he had seen was excellent & congratulated me on the general efficiency & discipline of the command. He said he had told Gen Sir Ian Hamilton that much as he had thought of the Artillery at MENA their work here has surpassed his expectations & the Artillery enjoyed the fullest confidence of himself & the other Armies?. I am immensely pleased with the Generals good opinion. Saw the AGGEMEMON engaging on blowing to bits what [Page] 72