Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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appears to be new Gun Emplacements on HILL 706 overlooking the Sea. She appeared to make very good practice with her huge guns the Turks replied fairly well with Guns & Howitzers & appeared to get on to her 2 or 3 times. Stirred the Turks up a good deal with our Gun & Howtzer fire all along the front. July 11th Another Sunday. 'X' This week has flown. The 4"- 7" came alongside the jetty at 3.30 a.m. this morning. Capt. BURROWES- R.G.A. to whom I had entrusted the task of landing it seemed to be in difficulties, so I went down. I took charge & after a good deal of difficulty I got the Gun ashore by 8 a.m. I had little suitable stores or appliances for doing the work & had to pull some the Jetty to bits to do it. Gen Birdwood & Gen Cunliffe Owen saw me at it & the former paid me a very nice compliment on the work I was doing - the latter also. I visited Gun emplacement in course of construction for the 4"- 7 & Sap. which is well advanced & met O/C 3rd Bde. Shell fire from enemy intermittently all day as usual. July 12th We made a demonstration against enemy to keep them to their ground here while our Forces at CAPE HELLAS made an attack on the Turks there. The Artillery well carried on the work assigned to them in the operation [Page] 73