Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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I visited 4" - 7" gun emplacement & gave instructions about roofing same to Maj MARTIN & also for getting the gun into position. July 13: 'X' JEFFS Jeffs arrived here. Went with Bgdr Gen R. A. to find out why Capt PACE convoy. No 2 Howitzer man failed to get his gun into action & carry out my orders in yesterday's operation. (I am of the opinion that Capt PACE is not quite right & told the General I could not be responsible for him.) He was practically suspended & told not to open fire without orders. Visited (with Bgdr. Gen R.A) 4"- 7 position & made arrangements for getting Gun to emplacement tonight. July 14 Seedy today - old trouble with diarrohea - it is very hot and the flies are dreadful. Shell fire very troublesome at times. Saw Gen Cunliffe Owen & Gen Birdwood re new Heavy Battery which Miles (Major) will command. We got the 4"-7 up to the emplacement last night with our own gunners. July 15th Eleven months today since I left W.A. to take up my duties as O/C Div Arty & 3 mos continuous fighting here. Inspected BURGESS - HUGHES - JOPPS - BROWNES - PHILLIPS - Batteries & enquired in all cases if men were satisfied with food etc or if they had any complaints to make.