Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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Bde LOWLAND DIV. R.F.A.) of which STEWARTS 5" Batty is part. took him up to BROWNS Batty & exp'd situation to him. Inspected 4- 7" - 5" Howitzer & BROWNS Batty - also instructed STEWART to move all his Guns to SHELL GREEN. Meeting with G.O.C. & explained disposition of Artillery to him in case of attack by day or night. July 22nd Visited BROWNS - 4- 7" & 5" Howitzer Batteries. Met O/C 2 & 3rd F. A. Bde & explained what was req'd of them in event of Enemy attacking day or night as it is believed he intends to do tomorrow 23rd or tonight. Field Guns will remain silent during Enemys bombardment unless Enemy exposes himself. 5" Howitzer take on JOHNSTONS JOLLY SCRUBBY KNOLL & MORTAR RIDGE & 6" Howitzers & 4- 7" OLIVE GROVE Guns - or any of the Guns of the Aust Div[ ] engage such Targets as may be ordered by D.A.C. 'X' We are hoping the Turk will attack. the suspense the continual shelling, the food the flies the Hill the hot enervating weather the weakness from diarohea etc & the time we have been fighting is going to tell on us very soon. it has already done so on many. July 24th 'X' Gen Birdwood sent for me last night & said that through an[ ] accident my name 77