Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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Head outside my Dug Out. the case fell into the Hospital Tent below in the Gulley. Killed a (?) in the Marquee & wounded 8 others. July 29th 'X' I had a very narrow escape yesterday. the enemy burst a 75mm H.E. Shrapnell close up to the entrance of my Dug Out smothering the sand bag protection of this & the Office (B. majors) adjoining with bullet holes. Fortunately I was later than usual getting up as I had been up a good deal during the night owing to the enemy opening brisk Rifle & Gun fire on our trenches. Otherwise I should have been shaving or bathing in the unprotected portion of my dug out & nothing could have saved me as the bullets & part of the shell fell in & I picked them up on the floor. the dug out was full of dust stones rubbish & smoke & the concussion very severe & upset me rather. We have recd orders from D.H.Q. to shift & this we have done to the head of the Gully & have got good quarters & apparently pretty safe ones. During the night of this 27/28 the Enemy opened shell fire on the beach & killed Capt. Onslow the Lt. Generals A.D.C. an awfully fine young fellow. Mervyn had a frightfully narrow escape also the day before yesterday a H.E Shrapnell bursting just over his head. 'X' We have lots of luck. when I see lighters full of (?) shell 79