Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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round to most of my Guns this morning most of them have had a pretty good hotting especially the 7th Batty which are protecting our Infy. in LONE PINE, & without them I do not believe we could have held on. The shell fire pretty thick round me & before I left my quarters this morning the hostile 8" shells were bursting. While I was at 8th Batty (about 1 p.m.) an 8" shell completely smashed up one of the Brownes Guns killed one man wounded two a man sitting on the 'X'  ? (?) miraculously escaped with a shaking & losing the heel back portion of his Boot. The Epaulement was wrecked. The fighting continued throughout the day. 8th Augst Shelling all through the night & very warm about our quarters this morning. Anderson returned this morning all our Guns doing good work throughout the day. We have had a very worrying time to protect the LONE PINE WORKS, but have got a Gun in a new position that will do so. 9th [ ] Augst Battle still rages we landed on the 6th (night) 3 divisions on the left & they are with the[ ] NEW ZEALDS plugging away but the Turk is disputing every inch. SUVLA BAY is full of ships landing Troops Guns & Stores. Since the battle started on the 6th the navy from Battle Ships & Monitors have kept up a heavy shell fire the noise has been deafening. 'X' Our position here is a great hindrance to us the 4th Baty trains fire on us & makes it very difficult to hear on the Telephones the tel. lines have worked fairly well but the first night of the battle communication 85