Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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There is one thing every one of us must never forget - that is - the enormous Self Sacrificing assistance the infantry have received throughout from every gun Australian New Zeal 69th & Lowland Bdes - in our position. They have always commenced the fight for us by a heavy bombardment of the enemy, & when themselves most heavily shelled by the enemy's guns have continued to keep up their fire without any cessation of or hesitation despite all casualties. We can none of us be sufficiently grateful to our Gunners for whom no praise I can give is too great. (part of Gen Birdwood's letter to the Troops, 10/8/15 which commences-

    I want to thank you all so sincerely for the magnificent work which you have done in the continuous hard fighting you have had since the afternoon of the[ ] 6th. I well know what a tremendous strain this has been upon all & with what unflinching bravery you have on every occassion faced & dealt with the enemy.

August 11th. A much quieter day & little change in the general position as far as I can hear. 'X' The Artillery have been hardly pressed in keeping the Ammunition supply replenished - it has nearly all to be taken from beach depot to the Guns by hand - tons of 100 - 50 - 40 & 18 pr. Shell, but we have done it & the men are bright cheerful & ready for more fight. I went through the LONE PINE WORK today - the horrors of which I can never I think forget - it was a very strong work & had we not surprised the Enemy, I much 87