Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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From what we are told by a deserter the Turks are furious at having lost LONE[ ] PINE WORK & mean to retake it. they tried yesterday afternoon but we broke them up twice with18pd shrapnel fire before they left their trenches. I had a good look over the works this morning when arranging for my Artillery Observation posts it is a very strong Work & we are fortunate in having been able to first take it & then hold it. I noticed too that a good many bodies still lying about that I thought were our own men as they were marked with the white bands on sleeves & spot on back. they are pretty clever & soon tried to play this trick on us but it did not succeed. The fight was a severe one the sides of the trenches are soaked with blood in places. Yesterday & day before the enemy brought new guns to bear on chiefly BROWNS DIP & WHITE VALLEY our H.Q.s either 4 - 7" or 6" Hows. one shell that fell a little way from me struck a Dug Out with two fellows in, killed them both. One had his legs cut clean off. the stumps don't bleed as one would expect, the shell on explosion seems to sear the wound, A great many of our Officers (Gunners) are showing evident signs of fatigue & weariness & I think it is only the excitement of the fighting & the idea that the 1st Aust Div will soon be pulled out of 89