Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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here that keeps our original people going they are getting few now. It is wonderful how the periscope has helped us in this trench war fare. I fear I should have been under long ago but for it - I have been precious near it as it is. The periscope rifle we are using too has caused serious losses to the Turk. 'X' August 17th. The situation has not changed very much during the last three days. Yesterday I had pointed out to me by Gen Cunliffe Owen [ ] the position of our own & the enemy's lines - from the far north where the [ ] 9th Corps are operating. Shell from enemy's guns were bursting over the advanced trenches held by the 9th Corps & heavy shell over the shipping in SUVLA BAY. We have now made our position in LONE PINE WORKS I think secure. Splendid assistance is given by 7th Batt. I have ordered 2 of Bessell Brown's Guns (8th Batt) to be drawn back down VICTORIA GULLEY in order to escape Enemy's heavy shell fire on our positions. 'X' I saw gruesome sight yesterday in LONE [ ] PINE a 75 in. shell burst on a parapet struck an iron shield + sliced a man's head off. two were killed & 2 badly wounded the whole place bespattered with blood & brains. 'X' Over 1000 bodies of our own men & Turks have been already taken out of this awful place & still there are more to be seen that cannot yet be got in. The stench is not 90