Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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the Light Horse attack on the Nek on the morning of the 7th inst. personally I am not concerned as my Batteries were handed over to C.R.A. N.Z. at 9 p.m. on the 6th - until the whole of the operations were over on the 7th the 4, 5 & 8th Batteries obeyed the orders they rec'd & were distinctly ordered [...] to cease fire at 4/30 a.m. now it is sought to saddle them with blame for not opening fire on enemy trenches when Light Horse launched their attack about 5 a.m. notwithstanding that they rec'd no order [ ] cancelling the former & no intimation of the attack on the NEK. It is interesting to me to see how my recommendations made at the commencement of the operations & then scoffed at or utterly disregarded are being now carried into effect. the latest is that two 3 pounder X Q.F. Guns have arrived to assist in the defence of the LONE PINE they are practically worn out - made in 1890 by a french firm for the Japs. have been used on improvised & very crude mounting & the hand books furnished are in Japanese. Now I have to experiment with them in mounting & firing before I can use them. August 28th. Rest - paradise -- Here I am to my intense astonishment on board the M.M. Steamer (french & under french flag) FORMOSA. I was so bad with dysentery that when Gen Birdwood wanted me to go with him & my own S.G.C. to inspect the Artillery G.S. Batteries of my command on the afternoon of the 26th I was too [ ] ill to go. That evening Gen Walker told me he had arranged for me to go for a week or ten days sea trip 94