Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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to give me a spell & a chance of pulling round. I protested but he insisted & the following morning the A.D.M.S.[ ] sent Maj TEBUTT up to examine me - in the meantime I had seen Capt WHITFORD. he had prescribed for me & given me some eggs & stuff. I implored TEBUTT not to send me away. However I think he saw WHITFORD. - I did nothing about going. The S.G.C. then saw me & said he had made all the necessary arrangements[...] with the A.D.M.S. & I was to make arrangements to go away that day. I told him I was better. He said that did not matter - he knew I badly wanted rest & change. (I have certainly not had an hour off since I landed) & I was absolutely to go. WHITFORD came round at 1000 - 28/8/15. Saw me. Said I must go & sent me the necessary papers to evacuate both me & JEFFS who is also very seedy, through 2nd F. Amb. by the same boat. I was aboard about 1800 on 28/8/15 Mervyn came to see me off. I shall never forget my embarkation on this ship - moonlight night heavy musketry fire going on from the operation resulting in the capture of several trenches on our left, the frowning heights of ANZAC, with lights dotted about. Made it look like GIBRALTAR & then I thought how much it resembled, especially with the occasional boom of the ships Guns & bombs ashore, that fateful morning 4½ mos ago when we landed here. This is a most comfortable Boat. I have a very nice Cabin the food (I am on milk diet) the bed everything after what I have gone through is heavenly, & it is a perfect Mediterranean morning too. We left ANZAC COVE at 8 a.m. about this morning & the voyage to ALEXANDRIA 95