Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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is supposed to take 3 days. We have about 300 wounded men on board from the fight yesterday evening & all night (the musketry worked on nearly all night) I am to have a few days in Alex, & to go to CAIRO. I am to endeavour to put the Reinforcement & Officer question on a proper footing in respect the DIV AMM. COL. & also to make enquiries about material & stores etc for Huts etc for winter quarters of the Troops. How peaceful everything is after ANZAC right up to the last the Shelling continued ashore - in fact my last afternoon was a particularly heavy Shelling round our Quarters caused by the operations going on on our left. 'X' During the last few days I had conversations with G.O.C. re making arrangements for the winter & I have submitted a sketch of the sort of Buildings suitable for the purpose at ANZAC. I told the G.O.C. I would assist in every way I could & that on account of the difficulty in procuring materials steps should be taken at once. I shall speak to Gen LEGGE about it too while I am in Egypt. if proper provision is not made for looking after the men, the CRIMEA will be repeated but on a far larger scale. I handed over my Command to L'. Col Johnston before I left & I left a clean slate & a going concern for him to handle. 'X' An enquiry has been instituted as to why the [ ] Enemy position on the NEK assaulted by the 1st L.H. Bde (COL HUGHES) on the night 6/7 August were not better prepared & the attack supported by our Artillery fire. After making enquiries Gen WALKER has sent a most complete answer to any charge [ ] of neglect on the part of the Aust. Div Art. - The Batteries that night have helped considerably the 4th, 5th & 8th under L'. Col JOHNSTON - A.F.A. 96