Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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Sept. 11th I arrived back at ANZAC Wednesday morning 8th inst at 12/45 a.m. I left the MINNEWASKA which arrived safely at MUDROS at 6/30 a.m. on 8th and as no one came to see about people going on, I left her at 3 p.m.for the ARRAGON (by ship's boat) & just caught a launch going to the PRINCE ALBERT for ANZAC. We left at 4/30 p.m. arrived ANZAC 9/30 p.m but it was 12/30 midnight before I was able to get off. Met Duffy, (Supply Dept) on board who gave me full account of the torpedoing of SOOTHRON with Bdge of 2 Div & H.Qs. 2nd Div on Board. The ship which I saw at MUDROS had a hole 35" x 25" in her but they managed to steam over 10 miles & put her on the mud in MUDROS [ ]outer harbour. I had a very pleasant trip over on the MINNEWASKA. the rest has made a new man of me. MUDROS Harbour is full of Ships of War & Transports, including the MAURITANIA & the EMPRESS of BRITAIN. (C.P.R.) on which I travelled in 1906 from Quebec to Liverpool. I found everything had gone on alright in my 10 days absence, although very little had occurred. the 3 pdr was emplaced on WALKERS RIDGE but had not done much good & was nearly knocked out by Enemy 75 m. Guns. The G.O.C., Bgd Gen R.A. & A.D.M.S. were all surprised to see me back so soon. I have sent in a written report in connection with my inspection & things brought to my notice 101