Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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Sunday 19th Sept. Another week gone by & no nearer the end of our job that I can see than the first. 'X' The graves of the gallant fellows who fell in the 8th Batt [ ] are all together in a little cluster in Victoria Gulley - where they will sleep quietly. I hope after this awful war is over each is marked by a cross. Surely those gallant fellows young as they were LENNARD - CARTER & the Sergt, showed us that fateful Sunday how to die. The enemy made a strong demonstration last night, firing with Guns & Rifles, but knew better than to attack. this afternoon he has been shelling Burgesses Guns continuously - a good many shells coming close here too. I think he is getting plenty of ammunition - he seems very lavish with it lately.

I had many letters of congratulations last week on my promotion to Bgdr Gen & mention in dispatches. it is very cheering when other things are rather blue.

Mervyn last week went with "pay" to HELLES & is at present at IMBROS on same errand (for Field Bakery) he is accompanied by Lt. McCormack) Sept 25th. Very little has happened during this last week. The Infantry made a demonstration last night, which we supported with Artillery fire firing about 20 rounds per Battery, but very little response came from the enemy trenches. My opinion is that they have taken both Infantry & Guns away from our front during the last week. Two Guns (6" Hows) of the 17th Siege Battery R.F.A. Major MORRIS, did some most effective shooting 103