Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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on the enemy trenches. E. of LONE PINE & JOHNSTONS JOLLY last Thursday & Friday, firing from TAYLORS HOLLOW the effect seems to have been most marked very little rifle fire bombing from enemy works mentioned & very little new work or movement seen. Harris gives over as Staff Captain Div Art. H.Q.s today, & Lt. KNOX takes over. Harris to comd 5th Batty tempy. Very disquieting news that Bulgaria may come in against us - but good news that Russia is well holding her own in the east even round RIGA. Sept 28th. The enemy has systematically shelled individual batteries this last three days. on the 26th they put No.1 N.Z. Batty out of Action yesterday 3 guns of No.4 Batt. A.F.A. today sect of No.6 Batt on PLUGGES plateau. Fortunately little damage was done to the Guns the Implacements & Overhead cover saved them & we can open fire again as soon as pits are repaired - which will only take a few hours. We want suitable timber however & can't get it. It is most difficult to get Amm boxes etc to protect our Ammunition. We are frightfully bucked today at the good news of victories in France & Russia. We feel it will help us tremendously here.

Went to CHATHAMS POST today to arrange for better observation & communication with L. HORSE on that flank.