Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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arrived from CAPE HELLES on the 4th inst & one Sect. of the 3rd Batt. has now occupied the 2 Gun emplacements on RUSSELLS TOP previously held by No. 1 Batt N.Z. Art. this now places the control of all artillery fire in our zone in my hands, & especially the LONE PINE & JOHNSTONS JOLLY. Oct 14th. Our G.O.C. Gen Walker was yesterday shot in Arm & groin we think by a machine Gun in the "Black hand" trenches. We are all deeply sorry & hope he will not be away long - he is a most popular & real fighting General. 'X' I am appointed to administer the Division - for the present. Today was one of the quietest days we have ever had Enemy only fired 9 rounds Gun fire - We have just got the news that Bulgaria has declared War & invaded Servia. I wonder how it will affect us. On the 13th an Anti Air Craft Gun arrived & the Bgd Gen R.A. told me they could not get the "pedestal" mounting out of the boat. I undertook to do so - & did - this is a sample of what goes on [ ] all this time here & not even a proper skid roller or hand spike for shifting shells ashore much less a "derrick" or crane. However I am glad to get the A.A. Gun which I am mounting in the Gulley between our Div. H.Qs. & BROWNS DIP with Lieut GARLING in charge. Lt Col. Bessell Browne entrusted 117