Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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me to find a position & this I think a very good one, 'X' On the 12th inst. the Lieut Gen Sir William Birdwood with Bgds Gen R.A. & Bgd Gen White went round with me to inspect my Guns & Batteries. After the inspection Gen Birdwood expressed his pleasure at what he had seen & said he was glad to see the high state of efficiency of the Artillery had been maintained & he also made complimentary remarks about my own conduct. The Bgd Gen R.A. also expressed his pleasure at what he had seen on the preceeding day. Bgd Gen Holmes & his Bd Major WISDOM also were shown through the Batteries by me. 'X' On visiting the Beach yesterday I could not help being struck with the appalling waste due to the coming ashore & wrecking of the lighters & small craft in the short blow we had the other night. I cannot help thinking that all this loss might have been prevented - or most of it, by a little foresight & care on the part of the Navy - no wonder the War costs millions a day when it is conducted on these lines. 'X' The Aeroplane observation is still most unsatisfactory - notwithstanding that we are now supposed to have plenty of Air craft & arrangements are daily made for spotting, appointments are invariably broken lately from some cause or another - their reports are not always reliable. One gave us enemy Guns within 50 yds of our trenches, another a battery (9') of our own Guns in Action 108