Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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Oct 20th. I have been very unwell these last 4 days with diarrohea, and a chill on the top of it. I have, however managed (how at times I know not) to carry on my work. 'X' I am not only in command of the the Divn but the following order was published

List No. 5. appls & promotions etc. A.I.F. - 17/10/15
In continuation of notice cont'd in List No. 4. of appl's & promotions etc dated 15th, Bgd Gen J.T. HOBBS will [ ]  retain command of the Div Art while temporarily commdg 1st Aust Div.

I have wondered if it is not almost a record for a non professional soldier to be made a Div. Art. Comdr during war & to command in the field, but I now also wonder if it is not a record for a non professional soldier to command a Division - in war. There has been very little out of the ordinary this last week, a constant stream of course of sick - some genuine but a great many not. The weather still keeps fine though cold - no timber or iron has yet arrived - & no arrangement has been made for the supplies of food & ammunition to be lifted from the lower to the higher levels. Yesterday we received the news that Gen Ian Hamilton had been superseded by Gen Munro. I don't envy the new [ ] G.O.C. in Chief his responsibilities - with the gentle Bulgar now against us & an Austrn German Army in Servia, the position is not 109