Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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Signal Officer but I cannot get one to help us, although I believe there is one available. I am now putting in Shells at odd times in valleys & places where I think enemys troops are resting & I think with disturbing effect. Also on to a big Communication trench leading over SCRUBBY KNOLL ridge in which the enemys transport often moves. We often get his transport. 'X' Today - a Light Horse sharp shooter (SING) or sniper claims to have killed his 200th Turk. he is sniping from Chatham Post. Oct. 29th. Still pretty seedy but after a rather bad night better, & I was able to get out through 3rd Infy Bde lines this morning to consider a proposal from O/C 3rd Infy Bde for extending by preparation 'Saps, etc' our front line trench from Q1. to BLACK HAND. this would give command over the present dead ground in this locality. (in the Gully) The G.S.O. & the O/C. Div Eng. accompanied me. I also gave orders that in future "Dug Outs" were to be left with front walls, only a small aperture being left. many are positively dangerous without shell fire being brought to bear. 'X' A Tragedy occurred today when a mine was exploded in front of the crater by us - Lieut Bowra of W.A. & some of our men entered the Sap too soon - broke away the tamping when owing to faulty detonation the gases rushed out & severely injured 20. Seven of whom have since died, Lieut 111