Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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Impartial - Bombardments. This was term appd by my Gunners to Navys efforts to support our Troops by fire. It is alleged their Shell at times fell among our own Troops. Certainly Gen Birdwood told me a naval shell fell among the Ghurrkas who had taken CHUNIK BAIR, killing & wounding 40 of them. this caused a panic they shot & bayoneted one another & retired from the position so gallantly won. I can certainly say that our observation for the Navy was far from satisfactory after spotting them on to a Target they would just as they appd to be getting effective fire on, clear out without any warning. With whom did MAIDOS, ARIBUNU ANZAC COVE.

Story:- Sir W. Birdwood - exercising after bathing at end WATSONS JETTY pinnace approaches - sailor Pte Cobber - pass this rope round Bollard. This request made 3 times no response sailor does it himself, turns to Gen & exclaims - You're a brainless B--.

  L' Gen & Staff taking cover in comm trench from heavy shell fire. Head from niche covered with n.p. sheet in wall. Pte - which of you F. have pinched my mess tin. 

'X' Self mutilation - many cases of self mutilation by discharging rifle bullets through hands & feet have occurred & men charged with this cowardly crime. In future cases will be medically healed at ANZAC & not sent away. [132]