Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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Man shot by a corpse - 24/8/15. During the nightly burying operations in that awful Charnel House near LONE PINE - one of our men tried to take away the rifle of a dead Turk who had been shot lying prone aiming at our men - after two or three tugs the rifle went off & shot our man through the wrist. The dead Turks finger had been on the trigger. he accomplished in death that which he failed to do in life. It is now over a fortnight since this work was captured about 1200 bodies (ours & Turks) have been brought out - dragged out & buried hundreds were entombed in Comm trenches & tunnels - still the stench from putrifying corpses above the trenches is awful there is the body of a Gunner there too, who I suppose thought he would like to be in the game & went out with the Infantry. Ammunition Carriers One the 6/7 Augst some of the men (Known as the flying gang) of the 2nd Bd Amm. Col. made 17 trips from beach Amm. depot to the 8th Battery, never carrying less than 2 rounds (about 50 lbs) this up hill (in hot trying weather) going & of course down hill returning - the distance averaged 25 miles - Tel Service (25/8/15 At the present time we have 68 instruments in use in our Artillery communications & miles & miles of Wire. Heroic service has at times been rendered by our Gunners in repairing these lines under heavy fire after they have been cut by shell fire. [139]