Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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station - however I had no difficulty about this & the train left at 7 p.m. My berth companion was Lt Col. Herbert I.M.S. & at dinner he introduced me to his friends Lt Col. & Mrs MEYER. (I.M.S) both charming people. Sunday Jan 16th Fine clear day. at 3 p.m. just after the train left AVIGNON two sleeping cars left the rails, but after ploughing up the permanent way for some two hundred yards, the train was brought to a stand still without any one getting hurt. had we been going full speed this accident would have been serious. On arrival at MARSEILLES at 4/30 p.m. found the Mongolia was not in & was not expected until Tuesday. frightfully sore about this. Went with the Meyers & Herbert to Hotel de Louvre de la Paix, had to get permits from our military authorities to sleep at the Hotel. The Coy are to pay us £1 per day. (& did pay 2 days) Monday, Jan 17th. Had very bad night with severe pains in my back. Went for walk with the Meyers & also afternoon Tea. not a bad day. Tuesday 18th Bad night again. Got word this morning Boat was in & to go on board. got on board about 11 a.m. good cabin. Sent letters to wife. Wednesday 19th Sailed at noon. Pretty full ship. fine calm weather. Friday (9 a.m.) 21st arrived at Malta. fine day. [Page] 2.