Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Went ashore with Col Herbert had a look over the Town many fine & interesting Bdgs impressed with Grand Harbour Came back to Ship for lunch. During afternoon landed between 700 & 800 naval ratings very glad to see them away. better chance for us in event of Submarine attack. Sailed at 9 p.m. Saturday 22nd Stiff breeze & troubled sea all night & this morning. Not many passengers about, but people don't mind much as less to be feared from Submarine attack about which there is a good deal of anxiety on board. (We had one drill for Station during voyage from Marseilles to Malta) Sunday 23rd Weather moderated little. Went to Church Service. have written during voyage to Wife Dad Nance Betty. Archbishop. Forbes. Darbyshire. Poole. Sergt Mackay. Sea calmed down during afternoon. Monday 24th Expected to reach Port Said at 8 p.m. fresh breeze, fine day. Arrived at Port Said 6 p.m. Met by Mervyn, had dinner on board then went to Eastern Exchange Hotel for night. Met Brgd. Gen Skeen late. Bgd Gen Gen Staff, Anzac & Col. Knox, Gen Staff Anzac. Tuesday 25th left for TEL-EL-KEBIR by 8 a.m. [Page] 3.