Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Bde of F.A. & portable plates for every Gun. He could give me no information on disposal of Corps Art, but instructed me to distribute Div Artillery to resist Enemy Infantry attack all along our front & especially care for Right flank. He estimated at least month before we should be required to go to Canal Zone. no Art to be Kept in Reserve. 'X' Bde Major accompanied me & also on the Artillery reconnaissances. Tuesday 2nd Feb. left for SERAPEUM on Canal by launch at 9 a.m. (had breakfast at ISMAILIA Club) arrived at SERAPEUM 10 a.m. Commenced Art. Reconnaissance from left of our position, then along to right as far as No.56 ?. The G.O.C. G.S.OI & Lieut VIVIAN, R.N. & Lieut DRAKE BROCKMAN of H.M.S. VENUS the ships allotted for the defence of our right flank accompanied us. returned to SERAPEUM at 5,15 p.m. very cold night, fine day. Wednesday 3rd Continued Art. Reconnaissance from extreme right to work No.56. left at 9.15 a.m. returned 5 p.m. G.O.C. G.S.O.I Lieut VIVIAN. R.N. present. (dined on board VENUS) Thursday 4th Art Reconnaissance. Bde Major & O/C 3rd F. Art Bde on left from work No. 9 to No.4. O/C 2nd F.A. Bde from work No. 3 to work No. 58. I with G.O.C. G.S.O.i. Captain DEWAR, R..N. Commg. H.M.S. VENUS & Gunnery Lieut. Lieut. HILDYARD present.

'x' I mentioned to Gen White report on Sweetland he asked me to withdraw it as so difficult to prove & stated Sweetland ordered back to Australia & he would see he did not come back promoted. I said my G.O.C. already had my report but I would inform him what Gen White advised & I did so following day. G. [Page] 6.