Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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tried 1 of 4 similar cases - of pvts under arrest refusing to obey lawful command of Senior Officer. Charge failed on evidence which showed that no definate order given. held over other 3 cases to refer to convener as to altering charge. Convener G.O.C. decided to let cases go on (fine day) received 18 maps. 3 sets, no of Canal Zones. (fine day) Feby 12th distributed maps to each Bde. tried 3 cases referred to above all acquitted. Feby 13th Office + routine work in morning up to 1100. left by 1140 train to Cairo. arranged to Inspect D.A. Col in morning. Feby 14th 1000. Inspected Apparatus designed by Major Cox Taylor, 2nd D.A.C. for fixing to Gun & Wagon Wheels for travelling in heavy sand appeared very satisfactory. also inspected barrel traction in 5" Howitzer. 1030 inspected D.A.C. (1300 Officers N.C.Os & men) under Lt Col Timbridge result satisfactory large number of reinforcements present. Told Lt Col. Timbridge he was to come to Tel el Kebir to qualify for Command of Bde of Field Art. as soon as he could get away. Saw Capt Madden & Capt McGee D.A.C. told them they were to come to Tel el Kebir to [Page] 11