Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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qualify for Battery Command or at all events to qualify for rank of Major in Div Arm Cnd. Cart. Madden asked for permission to transfer to Light Horse. I told him I should not object. Capt McGee said he would be pleased to try to qualify for promotion.

Saw G. LA REEN told him he had no appeal from G.O.Cs decision under 183 A.A. Also told him as soon as his case had been disposed of (if he was acquitted) for which he was now under arrest I would transfer him to a Battery. 1215. Inspected Artillery School of Instruction under Major SCHWAB H.A.C. am satisfied excellent work being done on a good system but more Guns & equipment reqd. Visited General Spends G.O.C. training & told him of my visit & opinion of Art Training School. 1440 called on Bgd Gen Aust Base Gen IRVING. Returned to TEL EL KEBIR 1615 train with Bde Major. Feby 15th Met Gen BIRDWOOD & Gen COX at Railway Station TEL EL KEBIR attended Gen BIRDWOOD on his inspection of DIV ART LINES. mentioned to Gen BIRDWOOD difficulty of getting Officers & men back from Base when evacuated sick also difficulty of getting horses from D.A.C. except through base I also told him our shortages in Guns & material. [Page] 12