Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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promotion. I told them simply in my opinion the men who superseded them were in my opinion better qualified for the posts. Sent maps distribution Div Art to Gen NICHOL Bgd Gen R.A. ISMAILIA. Inspected ground near Rifle Range for trying platform plate for 18pd. Feby 23rd Engaged in Office & routine work & promotions & appointments to new Art Divisions. Interview with Rabett who apologised for remarks made day before re his promotion. 1030 handed over new (12th) Art Bde to General H.V. COX, K.C.M.G. C.B. C.S.I. also other officers for his Div. addressed officers afterwards attended 1st Art Bde sports. Feby 24th Sent papers forward complete to G.O.C. for promotions appointments & recommendations to comd rank also remarks on Major Caddy & Rabet's appeals against being passed over in promotion. Engaged Office & routine work & in work in connection with artillery expansion.

Saw Major Caddy about 1800 in reference to his minute in reply to mine re promotion Major Mills present 25/2/16. 25th Feby. engaged Office & routine work. Saw Lieut Teare & Capt McGee re promotion appeals. McGee withdrawn. visited ground near Rifle Range to try Gun platform plates on Lt J.M. Hobbs in CAIRO [Page] 21