Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Sunday Mar 12th. Tactical exercise R.G. & A.G. for 1st & 2nd F.A. Bdes near EL QUERIEN Monday, Mar 13. Lt Col TUNBRIDGE O.A.relinquished command of 21st How. Bde. Tuesday Mar 14th. Innoculated against par typhoid etc. 'X' Doctor Howse examined Mervyn & said he though base of one lung affected - Col FOOTE stayed night. Wednesday 15th. Very seedy through innoculations. Worried about Mervyn Met Gen H.B. WALKER at TEL EL KEBIR Station on his way to SERAPEUM engaged in preparing Artillery practice scheme. Thursday 16th Mar. Mervyn gone to CAIRO. Sent in adverse reports on Lts GRIME-SIMPSON & WHITLAM. engaged in choosing positions of Targets &c on Range. Got nasty throw from Horse hurt my back a bit. Friday 17th Mar. Very stiff & sore after fall. gave a long lecture on march exercise for Saturday & the forthcoming Shooting (Gun practice) Bgdr Gen Cunliffe OWEN came over at 1130 & talked about our forthcoming departure for FRANCE & also about the practice. 'X' more rewards published French honors on what basis or methods these rewards are given is to me & very many others incomprehensible. they do more harm than good - Capt MILLIGAN arrived from Div H.Qs with word that 1st F.A. Bde must be ready to leave on [Page] 27