Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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All the Batteries of the 2nd & 3rd Bdes fired their Elementary & the 2nd Bde fired 1st & 2nd Series of Gunnery. G.O.C. 1st Div present from 1130 until 1430. Result of firing fairly satisfactory G.O.C. informed me. 1st Div Art to entrain tomorrow night. Tuesday March 21st Continued Gunnery Series 3rd Bde firing from 0930 till 1330 (2nd Bde could not continue as they have been warned to entrain tonight) Firing fairly satisfactory but general result shows that Officers especially B.Cs & B. Leaders are weak. 'X' Wrote & told Gen White at least a months training necessary after we get full equipment before we can be ready to take the Field. 2nd Bde commenced to entrain at 2200. 13-30 long pow wow on practice. Wednesday Mar. 22nd 0100 left TEL EL KEBIR with own Div A. H.Qs & part 2nd F.A. Bde. arrived at ALEXANDRIA & went on board H.M.T. BOHEMIAN at 0915. All Artillery for BOHEMIAN on board by 1200 G.O.C. 1st Aust Div & H.Qs & others arrived & came on board at 1315 Ship sailed at 1715. Appt Lt Col Brown O/C 2nd F.A. Bde as O/C Troops. [Page] 29