Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Gun firing going on slowly but continuously all the time. Saw Germans get very close to one of our air planes with a Salvo. Apl. 10th G.O.C. & G.S.O.I. called at 1145 I told him all about what I had done yesterday. Also received his instructions to get ready personnel for Trench Mortar Batteries. 7 Officers 75 O.R. Engaged in office & routine work. Apl. 11th 0930. at Div H.Q's. Saw G.O.C. re formation of Trench Mortar Batteries & fire-personnel for Groups from 3rd F.A. & How Bdes. Wired for same. In Harve. Visited Bgd. Gen. JOHNSTON. Corey, 2nd Aust Div Art at CROIX DU BAC & arranged with him to put in fire personnel into Howitzer Battery in his Right Group, & also fire personnel with 18 pd. Batteries same group as soon as our 3rd F.A. Bde arrive. Fire personnel from 2nd F.A. Bde reported at SAILLY to go with Group we are to occupy. Called at H.Q's 2nd F.A. Bde at 1415 & Div H.Q. at 1500. Showery day. Apl. 12th Very Wet day. Went to Lecture on reading aerial photographs. at Div H Q MERRIS at 2015 - Div Air Col arrived. Apl. 13th Fine day. Gen White & Cun Owen called on me to see if I could take over PETILLON Group on 16/17. I said I could & would. Went out to NEUTE BOOM in the Afternoon to see D.A.C. Howitzer Bde - arrived today. Apl. 14th 3rd F.A. Bde arrived & billeted at BORRE Wet all day. Apl. 15th - called on O/C 35th Div. [Page] 36