Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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May 12th SAILLY Inspecting Wagon lines 3rd F.A. Bde & 103 How Batt. 1st Weekly conference with Gen Comndg Officers at Div Art. H.Qs. fine day. May 13th SAILLY. Inspection Reserve positions - (2nd line) Left Group - with O/C Art. Group. Wet day. May 14th SAILLY Selecting Heavy trench mortar positions in left Group, with Art Group Comd S.O.U.T.M. Batts & O/C. H.T.M. Batt. 'X' It is very pathetic to find all along our front the many little cemeteries of our gallant dead who fell in 1914-5 in many cases graves are now nearly overgrown with the luxuriant grass & verdure. May 15th Wet day. engaged with O/C Right Group & S.O. trench mortars in selecting trench mortar (Heavy) in Right Group. Selected good one on extreme right, but great difficulty in getting Satisfactory position in centre of Group. only place near CELLAR FARM. 1st F.A. Bde & 22nd Batt. relieved 2nd F.A. Bde & 23rd Batt in right Group today. Wet day. Trenches etc in a filthy condition. I rode a Horse a Bicycle & walked but it is most exhausting walking on the "duck boards" placed in the trenches. May 16th Beautiful day. Major Gen FRANKS, M.G.A. called [Page] 46