Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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this morning to see me & the Senior Officers of the Bdes Interview with Bde Comndrs & Batt. Comndrs, re, the necessity for prompt & complete obedience to all orders - & for more delivery in the application of Art Fire. May 17th Inspecting Batts in Right & left Groups. Witnessed enemy trying to get either the 22nd or 101st but Shell fell between the two batteries. Saw the effects of yesterdays Shelling on 8th Batt. 3 pits smashed up but only slight damage to Guns. It is evident though that head cover must be increased, & I will order it - fine day. Lectured to 3rd Infantry Bde on functions of Art. in trench Warfare Miles left on leave today. May 18th Inspected Wagon lines of Right Group. fine day. May 19th Went to Corps H.Qs at LA MOTTE to see Gen White about wire for Art & T.M. communications - & also for our wagons. Gen White said latter could not be issued except on mobilisation. May 20th Inspected all four Sections of D.A.C. at TROU BAYARD & CRUSEOBEUX O/C. D.A.C. accompanied me. beautiful day & the country charming hedges in bloom fruit trees in blossom birds singing except for the booming of the Guns it would be hard to realise war was within 3 or 4 miles - May 21st Visited Left Group, (Art) H.Qs watched Shooting by our Howitzer Batts on Enemy trenches. Inspected new position for Howitzer near 103 H. Batt. Fine day warm May 22nd Inspected Batteries Right Group. fine day [Page] 47.