Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Gen Forsyth also came to see me with L'. Col. Browne - L. Group Commander regarding Artillery support, for an intended raid on Enemys trenches opposite his group. I had mentioned this raid to Gen White who told me to use my discretion about Artillery support - June 10th (dull day little rain) Inspecting A. & B. Echelons of D.A.C. in afternoon at Right group H.Qs. re emplacement of How. Batt. in rear of present Sect. of 18 pds in 38th Div area. June 11th Went to C.R.A. 38th Div at LA.GORGE to get permission to entrench Howitzer Batt in their area on our right to enfilade Enemy trenches granted Went on to A.N.Z.A.C. at LA MOTTE to inform B.G.G.S. & B.G.R.A. dull day showery. June 12th With O/C. 3rd FA. Bde inspecting exact positions for Howitzer Batt. M.18 A.6.7. & M.17.B.6.7. making final arrangements for Art Support to raid on Enemy trenches tonight - Showery day - very wet night June 13th Party from 6th Bde raided Enemy trenches at 1 a.m. near Angle opposite our left - they were quite successful captured 6 prisoners & killed 12 Huns. The Lieut Gen. Comy A.& N.Z. Army Corps very pleased both with Infy & Artillery - the co-operation of which was perfect - 'X' Went to very impressive memorial service to take Lord Kitchener at SAILLY Empire In Afternoon at Right Group H.Qs in conference with [Page] 53