Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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June 29th Inspecting Battery positions & O.P.S near Hill 63 for 1st & 21st Bdes. F. Art. O/C these Bdes & Bde Maj accompanied me. fine day - 'X' The country near Hill 63 facing MESSINES is very interesting & just such country as I have always pictured for Artillery Work - plenty of suitable points for O.P.S. & sites for Batteries. The beautiful country Houses & Farms etc all round here have been nearly all battered to pieces. We are on the Eve of great things - June 30th Inspecting Wagon line right Group Batteries - fine day July 1st At LA MOTTE to confer with B.G.R.A. re positions & tasks of 1st Aust Div Art, round & on HILL 63. In Afternoon inspecting whole of the D.A.C. - result with few exceptions satisfactory. July 2nd (fine day) Conference at Div H.Qs. (at CHATEAU) re probable move to South. Arrangements made for 1st Bde to be ready to march at short notice. Remainder (R & L Groups to be relieved by 3 a.m. on morning 5th inst. Conference in Afternoon at which C.R.A. 4th Div Art. attended when the necessary arrangement for the transfer were made. 'X' Another successful raid by our 9th Bn last night. 1 Officer 20 O.R. captured. Corps Comndr thanked all concerned on the Success of these raids. There is much competition [Page] 57