Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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which I did re, defective Guns 21st Bde, then waited for B.G.R.A. received his orders about employment of Div Art to the right of FRICOURT in a few days then went with him to BECOURT via ALBERT. Went on the battle field of FRICOURT village Farm & Wood & saw the shelling of BAZENTIN LE GRAND. Returned via AMIENS to billet at CHATEAU at [HAVERNAS-called at] HAVERNAS called at D.H.Q. 'X' on way (1915) & received orders for moving DIV. Art to RAINNEVILLE (DIV ART H.Q. at COISY.) tomorrow. (Copy March Orders issued to Bdes & D.A.C. Sent D.H.Q.) The result of our bombardment is the complete destruction of the German line wire & works, including Wood & Villages all is levelled out the effect of the M.T. Mortars on the war is terrific - B. Maj. & I had very narrow escape from enemys Shell, as we were walking from above FRICOURT Wood - across to MAMETZ. - hundreds of Guns are emplaced facing the German lines of all calibres - & the noise of the bombardment was terrific - the sense of waste & desolation of the battlefield is awful - (fine day) July 13th Attended conference D.H.Q. FLESSELLS [sic] at which G.O.C. explained the probable part the 1st Aust Div would take in the forthcoming advance. March discipline & reg. administration also discussed. Took out O/C 3rd & 21st F.A. Bdes to view battlefield at FRICOURT. Bde Major also - Shelling going on BYZANTINE & DELVILLE Woods. Explored some of German trenches captured in which were dug outs 'X' at FLESSELLES. [Page] 63