Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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looking on the whole a good deal better than they did 10 days ago. Called on B.G.R.A. who told me portable Bridges were being prepd for us - & asked me to get Bgdr Gen Bensons report on our operations in the "Big Push" which had been sent to D.H.Q. We have now, I am told taken POZIERES - both BYZENTINS, LONGUEVAL & DELVILLE Wood & are attacking HIGH Woods. In afternoon Col Foorde called to say we should move on tomorrow. I called on G.O.C. at D.H.Q. to get Gen Bensons report that B.G.R.A. Stated had been sent there for Div Art information but, it had not been received - July 16th Recd Orders this morning to march to PUCHEVILLERS - all to be clear of cross Roads at TALMAS by 1215. This point was cleared by all except part 3rd Sect & B ECHELON, D.A.C. who with H.Q. DIV. ART cleared it at 1231. The march discipline on this first big march when the whole command marched to a time table was good - all reached the Billets & Bivouacs by 1530 but for want of Space, 3rd F. Art Btt are at LE.VAL.DE-MAISON - another good day yesterday. 19 Guns from 8" Hows & 4-seige guns taken 6 aeroplanes destroyed hundreds of prisoners taken. just heard POZIERS taken - July 17th CONTAY. Went out to MAMETZ & high ground known as the QUARRY with Os/C 1 & 2nd F. Art Bdes, & Batt. Comdrs of these Bdes. Operations are proceeding very satisfactorily. Inspected portable bridges for Batteries at C.R.E. depot. Arranged with transfer DIV. ART. H.Qs. to PUNCHEVILLERS. Wet more or less all day - mud was awful at FRICOURT. [Page] 65