Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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July 18th SENLIS attended conference H.Qs III Res. Army. present B.G.R.A. - B.G.R.A. 1st Anzac, my Bd. Maj. Was told the 1st Aust Div Art should go into line to support our own Infantry in attacking POZIERES on holding that part of the line. Afterwards went with G.O.C. & B.G.R.A. 1st Anzac to reconnoitre ground in front of POZIERES which the 1st Aust Div are to take or try - 'X' It had been raining & as usual the mud was awful & like glue it is most trying getting across the Fields which have been torn with Shell fire - full of craters from 35' in dia & 15' deep downwards - This Section of the Battle field gives every evidence of the violent fighting that has taken place. Corpses many of our own (all face to the foe) & Germans lying about in the open or half buried or lightly buried with arms & legs, and in places faces protruding from the earth. in some cases Shell have resurrected those that have been buried - The field is strewn with Arms & litter of all sorts, & the Huns must have cleared from BOISELLE in a great hurry. 'X' I picked up a small German bag or pouch, with explosive & copper jacketed Bullets, etc & two of our identity discs that I handed to Capt. Casey. Called in afternoon on C.R.A. 34th Div to get information about taking over but he knew nothing about it.- [Page] 66