Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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In afternoon went to SHAMROCK TREE & towards FRICOURT to try & get a good view of POZIERES. At 1215 meeting of Bde Comders & D.T.M.O. when I explained scheme for attack, in accordance with orders given by M.G.R.A. III Army & result of conference. Conference with G.O.C. & G.S.O 1 at 5.30 p.m. re Artillery orders for attack, sent by III Army, which were slightly modified. Saw Bdr Gen KIRWIN, C.R.A. 34th Div who offered to help us by Shelling rear of POZIERES, or any other task in that direction. Saw Major CARTHEWS O/C 4th R.F. Sqd, & made arrangements for cooperating with our Batts. Saw L'. Col. SEDDON, Comg 45th - H.A. who is attached to us & arranged for him to register R & L of POZIERES tomorrow morning. (fine day) 'X' The noise of the Shelling from our numerous Guns all round here is [def] deafening night & day the din goes on the Germans responded well last night & got very close to our billets (are large deserted Town Houses) one of the few House not wholly or partially destroyed here. July 21st. Received Div Operation order for attack on POZIERES for tonight. this was afterwards postponed until tomorrow. I visited Bde Comdrs at the various H.Qs situated in captured German Dug Outs. We are heavily Shelling the enemy trenches he is not retaliating very vigorously. - I [am] have now at my disposal the 45th H.A. Bde, consisting of 1 Batt each 6"-8-9-2 Hows, under Col SEDDON. very fine day. 'X' - The Batteries (ours) are distributed even in the Town what there is left of it there is a six inch Batt. just close to our Billet that nearly shakes [Page] 68