Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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with unabated violence. We have gained the main part of POZIERES, & the trenches outside on the East & West. it is most difficult to find out clearly how matters really stand. I fear we are suffering very severe losses, our infantry are the whole time under extremely heavy Artillery fire notwithstanding the counter battery work of our heavy artillery (fine day) July 25th Battle still in progress, we made some further progress during the night but were shelled out from some portion of ground gained between 7 & 8 a.m. A heavy Counter Attack by the Enemy about 9.30 completely broke down under our Rifle & M. G. Fire. We are now practically in possession of the Village, but the Enemy bombardment continues. Whether we can hold on unless our Batteries can silence the enemys fire is doubtful. 4 p.m. We have been much worried for the last 30 hours by reports of Shell from our own (not 1st Aust Div) Howitzers falling short into our own lines, but we have after much searching enquiry failed to discover the offender - Our communications to Bdes have stood remarkably well, we got all 4 Bdes in 4 minutes (yesterday - but Comm with G.C.Os. has nearly all been by Runners & pigeons. Having a good deal of trouble with guns owing chiefly to defective Springs. good deal of difficulty in getting new Springs, but am sending guns now to the Workshops to be repaired. July 26th ALBERT. The Battle continues but the Infty & other troops of the 1st Div except the Art are being relieved by the 2nd Div - The enemy has been heavily bombarding POZIERES all day & we must have suffered pretty severely - Evan Wisdom Bgd Gen in today. [Page] 70