Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Volunteers from Batteries for M.T.M. Batts. (fine day) hot Aug. 5th ST. LEGER. Inspection march past of 1st & 2nd, F. Art. Bdes by G.O.C. in morning. I inspected D.A.C. at MONTRLET [MONTRELET] in afternoon. 'X' Horses are beginning to pick up after their Strenuous 10 days in line. When over 100000 rounds 18 pd. and 4.5 Amm were carried from SENLIS to LINE, 6 miles. (fine day). Augst 6th ST. LEGER. (fine day). At 1st A.N.Z.A.C. H.Qs CONTAY. Saw Gen. NAPIER G.O.C.R.A. as to when 21st & 3rd Bdes would be relieved, told they would come out on night of 7th inst. Asked that H. T. Mortar be sent here to train H.T.M. Batt. In afternoon to MONTRELET with G.O.C. to inspect D.A.C. - G.O.C. wrote horse to have more room on lines & hay nets to be provided. Augst 7th ST. LEGER. (fine day). Inspecting bivouacs & drill 1st & 2nd Bdes. Augst 8th ST LEGER. Inquiry as to number of [...] out Springs drawn at & since we left HAVRE report sent to D.H.Q. 'X' Impressed on D.A.C. Officers present necessity of keeping up supply of spare parts, & of making themselves secure in writing to me if Ordnance failed to fullfil indents. (fine day) At 2nd F. Art Bde Exercise between St. LEGER & DOMART. Inspected 1 & 2 F. Art Bde. Bivouac cautioned Capt. DODDS about orders re spacing Horses, & use of hay nets not being obeyed & wrote to O/C. 1st Bde for explanation.

  • had to reprimand Capt. Madden for way Harness in his Section had been neglected - to him if again occurred consequence would be Serious. O/C present.

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