Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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for disregarding same Orders. Spoke to Capt. CLOWES severely about doing things without consulting me & insisted on all papers of any importance being shown to me. Augst 9th. St. LEGER. fine day 21st F Art Bde arrived here at 2 p.m. 3rd F Art Bde arrived here at 4 p.m. I went to RUBEMPRE to see G.O.C. as to whether I was to follow 1 & 2nd Bde to VADENOOURT, [VARDENCOURT] he directed me to stay here pending further orders. Called at AMIENS on way back to get Stationery etc. Augst 10th. (fine little rain morning). G.O.C. inspected & afterwards addressed 3 & 21st F Art Bdes. Inspected M & H T. Mortar Batts. Inspected Bivouacs 3 & 21st Bdes Address to Officers on Discipline etc. Augst 11th fine. Inspecting Bivouacs 3 & 21st Bdes. Inspecting D.A.C. at MONTRELET. 1st F A Bde ordered by 1st ANZAC to move to BRICKFIELDS. 'X' 'X' Augst 12th. ST. LEGER - fine day - At H.Q's 1st ANZAC to see G.O.C. R.A. Got instruction to move Sect. of D.A.C. to BRICKFIELDS. After getting order confirmed by G.S.O.I. at D.H.Q. RUBEMPRE - personally gave D.A.C. Comdr order at MONTRELET. 'X' much confusion over billeting here owing to congested state & bad staff work on part of, I think, 2nd Div or 2 Div Art. Inspected Bivouacs 3 & 21st Bdes here & 2nd at VARDENCOURT Wood. Augst 13th. Inspected Bivouacs of 3rd & 21st Bdes.& Batteries on drill ground of 2.7 Had to complain of Major McLOUGHLENS. Harness very disgraceful. Same of Maj. RIGGALLS [Page] 77