Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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about Sector we are to occupy, but not able to get much. afterwards went to B. Maj 4th Imp. Div at RENINGHELST & practically arranged relief with their Div Art for nights 1/2, 2/3 of Sept. Also made arrangements for our Group & Batt Comder to go into line following day - (fine day) Augst 29th Conference. Bde & D.A.C. Comd D.A.H.Qs informed them arrangements made for occupy line - Visited C.R.A. 4th Div Art at RENINGHELST & arranged details of relief - & obtained further particulars of Battery positions & O.P.s (very wet night 29/30) Augst 30. Inspected 2nd F. Art Bde in RENNINGHELST [RENINGHELST] Area. In Afternoon had conference with Right & Left Group Comdrs L'. Cols Brown & Anderson, & right Group Comdr 4th Imp div Art at BELGIAN PLATEAU. Afterwards reported to G.O.C. very wet day- Augst 31st Inspected 1, 2 & 3rd Sects D.A.C. & 21st F. Art Bde in RENNINGHELST [RENINGHELST] Area. fine day - 'X' 'X' Sept. 1st To Left Group Comnder, inspecting O.P.s decided to establish same near DORMY House & VERBRANDMOLEN these command view of the whole of the left Section. Passed through YPRES. Such an awful ruin another proof of German thoroughness. - fine day - Sept 2nd Inspection of Right Group Area with L'. Col LLOYDD, 4th Div Art (Group Comd) Col. B. BROWNE & B.M. visited O.P. at LOVERS LANE (near 1. in RAVINE [Page] 81