Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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of London - Estimated I shall be here 14 days - Have written to Gen White & explained. Oct. 28th Hospital, HAZEBRUOCK not very much better today - the day is wet & gloomy - (never seems to be much else here.) Mervyn came today from the SOMMNE bringing me letters, & a note from L'. Col Browne. The Div Art are just in line, but the C.R.A. has nothing to do - the whole show appears to be camped in a Sea of liquid mud - Mervyn arrived about 2 & left about 3 p.m. Oct. 29th Sunday - not allowed to get up as temperature has gone up during the night or is higher anyway this morning. I am not feeling too cheerful either - day very gloomy occassional rain - Oct. 30th Wet & gloomy - temperature down, but chest still seems about same - 10 a.m. Colonel Galloway has just been in with Capt Owen Taylor (my Doctor) to see Oct. 31st. 'X' A fine bright morning after very rough night mail came letters from Wife Dorothy, & Gus Rowe. also one from Bessell Brown congratulating me on being awarded Serbian decoration much better today - changed Room & up for an hour or two - Nov. 3rd HAZEBROUCK Still in No. 12, C.C.S. all very kind to me but it is very very dull. Col. Brownes letter of congratulations on the award to me of the Serbian decoration has helped to brighten things up - The weather is so dull & gloomy as a rule, my enforced idleness has enabled me to get right up to date with my private correspondence. Nov. 4th Very fine day went for long walk in morning & then consulted Capt. W.A. Anderson about my eyes. he altered my glasses & I sent for them per my wife to CURREY & PAXTON, 195 Gt Portland St, London. had short walk in afternoon not feeling [Page] 90