Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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very well. tempt up to 100.4. Doctor ordered me to bed, didnt have very good night - Sunday Nov. 5th. Fine morning feeling rather seedy went to church at Hotel de Ville Hazebrouck. tempt down to normal this morning. Nov. 10th fine day Feeling pretty right now but not allowed to leave today - the weather yesterday & today is fine. - Mervyn arrived with the car last night & had dinner with me here. apparently we are getting pretty roughly handled I mean my command on Somme, the mud there is still too awful for words. I fear we shall certainly be there for Christmas - Nov. 11th fine but dull & foggy. Saturday - left Hospital at HAZEBRUOUCK [HAZEBROUCK] 9.30 a.m. Went round to other Hospital to say Goodbye & thank Capt. Owen Taylor the M.O. in Charge for all his kindness to me - Left HAZEBROUCK about 10.15 a.m. arrived after nice run at DOULLENS at 1 a.m. had good lunch. (Mervyn is with me) on way to HEILLY. met Gen Birdwood & Gen White. Gen. B. told me wanted me to relieve Gen Napier G.O.C.R.A. who is very unwell again. Went to see Gen Napier. Am to stay at curious old chateau here, Gen Birdwoods H.Qs, & take up G.O.C.R.A. duties on 15th inst. Mervyn is to come here as my A.D.C. Gen Birdwood & all his Staff very kind to me. - (fine day but misty) Sunday - Nov 12th HEILLY. At G.O.C.R.A.s Office - Went to D.H.Qs at POMMIERE REDOUBT near MAMETZ. Saw Gen Walker & had lunch with him. Afterwards had interview with Bgd Gen. G. WHITE, C.R.A. 12th Div & with Bde Major (Major Beasley) 2nd Aust Div Art - Met L'. Col Bessell Browne - Went with him to 1st Div Art H.Qs near BELLVILLE Farm. afterwards called on B.G.H.A. Gen Fraser at [Page] 91