Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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AMIENS, arriving at HEILLY about 5.45 pm day fine but raw cold & misty. Dec. 7th. - (fine) Office all day. XXX. Dec. 8th - Wet. To POMMIERE REDOUBT. Conference with C.R.As 1st & 4th Div re equipment etc & G.O.C. 1st Div re Art Support re attack on trenches in N.20. Then went to Right Sect. H.Qs. Saw Right Art. Group Comdr. about same things as C.R.A. 1st & 4th Div. had lunch with 2nd D.A. Saw G.S.O.1 (as Gen McKay was ill) about C.R.A. 5th D.A taking over. Dec. 9th. Wet all day - Went to VIVIER MILL to see Gen Fraser. XX Dec. 10th Wet. 'X' Went to 3rd Sqdr R.F.C. O/C Major Stoddart 'X' at LAHOSSOYE most interesting place remarkably well filled with photographic apparatus for producing Maps from Photos in shortest possible time after they are taken. the Sqdn is entirely self contained. I went there to arrange for co operation with unit's R.F.C. for instruction in combined artillery & aeroplane work. Dec 11th Wet. Office all day. Dec. 12th To conference at Arty HQ at QUERRIER - re situation address 'X' by Army Comdr Gen RAWLINSON. about 40 Generals present no cause for pessimism. (Wet) Dec. 13th Wet. To B.G.H.A at VIVIER MILL then to T.M. School at FREMONT & 1st Aust Div Art School at HAVERNAS B.G.G.S. accompanied me - Dec. 14th Wet. To Art Conference at M.G.R.A.s office at QUERRIER. Went to very good entertainment by Pierrots of 14th Corps at MARICOURT in Evening. 'X' At 9 am Gen Birdwood in the most gratifying manner offered me the command of the 5th Aust Div which I accepted. (my side is worrying me a bit I hope it is not going to spoil my chance. [Page] 95