Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Dec. 22nd. fine day. G.O.C. 2nd Div called about I gave him all the information I could Dec. 23rd Wet day. Handed over command of Right Sector at 11 am to Gen Legge. Comdg 2nd Div. I am not sorry in some ways to be moving out. I have been very seedy while I have been here, but I have been able to carry out my work alright & I think have been able to do some good. Arrived at RIBEMONT at 1 p.m. (met Col Wisdom on the way.) very good Billet here. reported to B.G.G.S in afternoon Dec 24th. fine day, but cold & rain. Inspected 8th Bde. & reinforcements for them at DERNACOURT. [DERNANCOURT]. dined with B Mess at HEILLY. with Colonel Wagstaff. Dec. 25th. fine windy occassional sunshine 'X' The excellent band of the 8th Bde. came round & played Hark the Herald Angels Sing about 8.a.m (& other hymns) it brought a big lump into my throat I went to church parade of 8th Infy. Bde at DERNANCOURT blew so hard one could hardly stand - only a Short Service. The Bde afterwards marched past me on the Road they are a good looking lot. I wonder how & where I shall spend next Christmas. Dec 26th. To 5th Aust Div Art School at WARGNIES things anything but satisfactory - Inspected F Art Bde in Rest. there - mud very bad everywhere & accomodation very poor - Called at T.M. School at FREMONT & at AMIENS on way back X To Dinner with Gen BIRDWOOD fine morning wet afternoon & night Dec 27th. very fine day - Inspecting Infantry at work in & about RIBEMONT & BUIRE Dec. 28th. Inspected 15th Inft Bde. G.O.C. Gen Elliott & Bn. Comdr. present. State of dress equipment & arms very unsatisfactory - Inspected & severely criticised Horse & transport lines at RIBEMONT. Saw Gen White in this afternoon & told him how things were - he promised to get limbers reqd for. Harness. fine morning, wet afternoon. Dec 29th. Inspected near BUIRE the 14th Bde. result much better especially no Conachys Bn 53rd. Transport lines very fair - 14th M.G.Co. very fair too - Saw Rifle practice going - man had just been shot - Wet day - feeling rather poorly pretty bad night [Page] 97